walks around Chablis

You will have the opportunity to walk in the vineyards with beautiful landscapes. This is also a great opportunity to take pictures of the slope, vineyards, villages, and much more

walk in the village of chablis



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Enjoy electric cycling with little effort into the vineyards

Admire the breathtaking scenery of the Chablis hills



You will have the opportunity to visit the vineyards with beautiful landscapes, where you will go more in depth and learn about the famous notion of terroir.

Chablis Vititours

Au coeur du vin


Face care, body care and modeling.
All our treatments are feasible in dual care, in our double cabin.
Sauna & Balneotherapy Unique moment of relaxation in a quiet place. The relaxation & tisanerie area


Activities around Chablis and its surroundings




marché de chablis... in Chablis: Every Sunday morning there is a market in the heart of this Burgundian village. All local products are available at this very popular market of the region. You will also find many restaurants that will allow you to enjoy specialities.


Website of Tourists Office in Chablis : http://www.chablis.net/

1 Rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 89800 Chablis. Tel: +33 386 428 080.



abbaye de pontigny... 'Pontigny' is 14 kms away: Visit the sleek, white walls of the Abbey. It is a former Cistercian monastery founded in 1114.


Website: http://abbayedepontigny.eu/




Saint-Bris-le-Vineux... 15 km away: Discover three local wine villages: 'Saint-Bris-le-Vineux'(10 km), 'Irancy' (18 km) famous for its red wine and 'Chitry-le-Fort' (12 km).







Parcours Aventure Auxerre...'Auxerre' is 17 kms away: Discover the 'Tree Adventure' in the forest du Thureau: An original and safe activity for you and your children.


Website: http://www.foret-aventure-auxerre.com/





noyers-sur-serein... 'Noyers s/Serein' is 23 kms away : Discover a beautiful medieval village preserved as part of the 10 most beautiful villages in France.


Website: http://www.noyers-et-tourisme.com/




grottes d'arcy...  'Arcy s/Cure' is 22 kms away : Enter the caves of Arcy, a center of prehistoric art with cave paintings of the oldest in the world (30 000 years).


Website: http://www.grottes-arcy.net/





Parc Aventure 3B... 'Cry' is 46 kms away: Featuring 3B:  Boats - Bicycles - Branches. This is a leisure center near the Abbey of Fontenay.


Website: http://www.3btourisme.com/




basilique de vézelay... 'Vézelay' is 47 kms away : Visit the Basilica of St. Mary Madeleine, center of Christianity in the Middle Ages. It has been listed in the UNESCO World patrimoine since 1979. This is on the pilgrimage route of Saint Jacques de Compostela.


Website: http://www.vezelaytourisme.com/




Abbaye de Fontenay... 'Marmagne' is 58 kms away (Côte d'Or, 21) : The former Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay, a masterpiece of Romanesque Art. Also included in the UNESCO heritage.


Website: http://www.abbayedefontenay.com/




château de guédelon... 'Treigny' is 60 kms away (Côte d'Or, 21) : Enter the medieval site of Guédelon where 50 workers are building a castle with technology and materials from the Middle Ages.


Website: http://www.guedelon.fr/





spectacle de saint-fargeau.jpg... 'Saint-Fargeau' is 60 kms away: Attend the Saint-Fargeau show,  involving more than 600 actors and 60 horsemen. This is one of the best pageants in Europe.


Website: http://www.chateau-de-st-fargeau.com/





Adresse : 10 Rue Jules Rathier, 89800 Chablis

Téléphone :03 86 42 19 41


AU FIL DU ZINC à CHABLIS (closed tuesday and wednesday)

Adresse : 18 Rue des Moulins, 89800 Chablis

Téléphone : 03 86 33 96 39



Adresse : 18 Rue Jules Rathier, 89800 Chablis

téléphone : 03 86 42 10 63


LE SOUFFLOT à IRANCY (open each day for noon the friday and saturday night)

Adresse : 33 Rue Soufflot, 89290 Irancy
Téléphone : 03 86 42 39 00


LE MOULIN DE LA COUDRE à VENOY (closed sunday and monday)

Adresse : 2 Rue des Gravottes, 89290 Venoy

Téléphone : 03 86 40 23 79