Wine tasting and overnight stay at the Domain Gueguen

The entrance gates of the Domain Gueguen are located in the center of Chablis. In the beautiful building you will find the wine tasting (and shop) with luxury apartments above. Behind the building is a private parking lot with even two charging stations for electric cars. It is also the first time that we get an explanation about the famous ‘Climats’ of Burgundy. These Climats guarantee the unique characteristics of each wine and offer an unparalleled taste experience.

Domain Gueguen is a very young winemaker, founded by Céline and Frédéric Gueguen. With the experience of their family of winemakers, they started in 2013 with the production of several wines from their own estate in the Chablis region. On the 36 hectares of vines, you will find mainly Chardonnay grapes. They also grow some Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

The wines of Gueguen are a direct hit and that has everything to do with the composition of the Chablis terroir. It consists of clay and limestone soils, rich in small fossil oysters (hundreds of millions of years ago the bottom of the sea was here) which contributes to the quality and taste of the Chablis wines. A visit and a stay here is a feast. You will notice that when it comes to taste sensations, it is not easy to beat a good Chablis. Rarely has wine been so pleasant and fruity in taste as with Gueguen.