Avis du Burgundy Report

« A few greener wines but also a few really great wines that are worth searching out – and at all levels! »

  • 2020 Cépage Confidential: Sacy : Hmm – that’s a really a very fine nose – almost a blend of Chablis and St.Bris. Nice structure, lovely mouth-watering citrus flavour – but more than just citrus. Nicely zesty and finishing with a little perhaps reductive minerality. Great, delicious wine.
  • 2020 Saint-Bris Curiosité de Bourgogne : Vibrant, an attractive mint-leaf complexity here. A faint tannin and a width of fresh, mouth-watering faintly minty flavour. It has no pretensions it’s just joyful and delicious. A fine finishing width of flavour too.
  • 2020 Aligoté La Vigne de Marie Louise : Open but a bit more reductive. Mouth-filling, plenty of concentration, no fat – carafe – but this is lovely…
  • 2020 Bourgogne Chardonnay Côtes Salines : Narrower and more saline – check! Ooh – now that’s really really good – mobile, mineral, accented with both sweet and salt – completely delicious – a great apero Bourgogne!
  • 2020 Petit Chablis : Hmm – that’s really the seashore – a super nose! Hmm – energy, width, fine intensity for the label and moving into the finish with waves of fine flavour… That’s really a great PC
  • 2020 Chablis : Fresher, more direct, yellow citrus freshness with a very small point of green. I taste it more in the flavour – but again on a low level – this is mainly about minerality and lemon-lime citrus flavours framed with a tiny grain of tannin.
  • 2020 Chablis ‘1975‘: ‘We wanted to do a different cuvée but everyone does ‘old vines’, they are not the oldest vines that we have, but they are the same vintage as me and Céline!’ Fresher, more pure, more seashore again. Hmm, a little calmer but classier, super purity of flavour and a really good fluidity to this flavour. The finish a little contemplative but delicious.
  • 2020 Chablis 1er Vosgros : Deep, wide, more mineral and shellfish style. Supple but still energetically mouth-filling. Long and direct finishing. Slowly fading. Very good!
  • 2020 Chablis 1er Vaucoupin : More open, still the attractive note of the seashore – this time with a little yellow-citrus skin to embellish. More structured, more complex perhaps a bit more tannin too. Really a wine of admirably strong character – it’s really an excellent wine…
  • 2020 Chablis Grand Cru Bougros : A tiny DIAM-style reduction with this one – slowly opening and widening with a more golden ripeness of fruit. Supple, assured, concentrated – really super texture. A wine with a hint of reduction on the palate too – it won’t be a problem if you wait 2-3 years, otherwise carafe. Very good…
  • 2020 Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuses : Ooh – that’s a beauty – open, complex, perfumed – it’s a big hug! Hmm – that’s wide, cool-fruited, slowly melting falling deliciously over the palate – that’s an excellent Preuses and simply a great wine…

And two red to finish:

  • 2020 Bourgogne Pinot Noir La Vigne d’Emile : Deeply coloured. Broad, airy, plenty of greener, pyrazine, complexity. Fresh, mouth-filling – I don’t really see the herby green parts in the flavours. This is really a wine with a mix of intensity and concentration. A super finish.
  • 2020 Irancy : Also deeply coloured – also spiced with plenty of pyrazine complexity. There’s plenty of tannin here – but there’s no grain. Really a big wine, a little drying but also with fresh energy. You could say that this is the more elegant of the two but they are both so big that it’s a minor detail. Large, wide finishing.